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Re: NEW processing

Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> We currently have a long reviewing process before packages get into the
> archive. But once they are in, maintainers are free to do whatever they
> want with their packages, without any review happening.

Except when they get their package back in NEW for some reason.

> What we should do instead is encourage reviews (either on mentors, or
> inside teams), because that's also a much more scalable solution.

The problem is that many people asking for reviews in -mentors as soon as some
issues are found on their packages they just forget about them; making the
whole process just a waste of time.

I of course do not want to say that reviewing packages in -mentors is always
useless, but here again we need to deal with yet another social problem which
is the lack of willingness by some people to work on their package to get it in

Raphael Geissert

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