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Re: NEW processing

2008/12/3 Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@lucas-nussbaum.net>:

> We currently have a long reviewing process before packages get into the
> archive. But once they are in, maintainers are free to do whatever they
> want with their packages, without any review happening.
> I'm not advocating that we just stop doing reviews. But IMHO, NEW
> processing should be about the legal problems, not about the random
> lintian warning/errors, and the various other packaging malpractices.
> What we should do instead is encourage reviews (either on mentors, or
> inside teams), because that's also a much more scalable solution.


> Of course, if ftpmasters come across random problems in the package
> while reviewing legal stuff and mention that to the maintainer, it's
> great. But having other things checked by ftpmasters just reduces their
> bandwidth and causes longer queues.

I'm very much along this lines of thought to.


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