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Re: what about a unofficial public community repo? (was: Re: qmail and related packages in NEW)

William Pitcock wrote:
> The ideal way to handle this would be to have a single repository. PPAs
> solve a different problem, which is giving contributors and developers a
> playground to publish their in-progress packages. This is more about
> getting packages to users in an efficient way, for maintainers that do
> not wish to include those packages in Debian proper for either policy
> reasons, code quality reasons, or otherwise.

http://their.domain.tld/debian sid main

Why do people even want to care about those packages?
I mean, why would one want to use a package which has dubious quality, dubious
maintenance, dubious origins (can it even be legally distributed/used/etc?),
dubious <insert whatever you want here>?.

If a package is not in shape, then get it in shape.
If they don't know how to setup a simple repository or don't know how to package
and are not willing to learn, then they should just forget about it and install
the software by hand (if they know how to do that, of course).

There's no reason to spend/waste more time/resources on all that extra stuff
only newcomers will, wrongly, use.

Or do we have so much man power that there's no much left to do but to waste it?

> William

P.S. no need to reply; I just can't stand seeing this topic being brought to
discussion over and over again, always suggesting the same, silly
IMO, "solutions".

Raphael Geissert

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