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Re: what about a unofficial public community repo? (was: Re: qmail and related packages in NEW)


On Saturday 29 November 2008 01:57, William Pitcock wrote:
> What I propose is something more along the lines of Gentoo's "sunrise"
> overlay... a repository that anyone can get upload access to provided
> that they understand basic Debian policy and have established that they
> will be non-malicious (likely through some sort of indirect uploading
> for a few months). Basically a true *community* repo.

just seen on #debian-community

<h01ger> hmmm
<h01ger> "community-repo" makes me think we should setup somethink like 
ubuntus PPA on debian-community.org
<h01ger> interesting idea
* h01ger scratches head


Disclaimer: I have absolutly not the ressources to do this or help much with 
doing it. But I probably like to see this very much... /me needs sleep.

BTW, d-c.org finally (since a bit of time) provides email and jabber accounts 
for Debian contributors!

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