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Re: what about a unofficial public community repo?

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Romain Beauxis wrote:
> Le Friday 28 November 2008 23:57:09 Holger Levsen, vous avez écrit :
>> On Friday 28 November 2008 22:42, William Pitcock wrote:
>>> I think issues like these call for an unsupported repository outside of
>>> Debian, but publicized within the community as an unofficial repository
>>> for things like qmail, packages unwanted in Debian proper for the time
>>> being, etc.
>> debian-unofficial.org
> Or, why not
>   apt-get.org ?
> Or
>   mentors.debian.net ?
> Honnestly, I fail to see clearly the benefit of it, apart from more confusion 
> and new issues..
> Romain

I think the goal is to create a common infrastructure, creating a Debian
repository takes resources that some do not have. apt-get.org is great
if you know about pinning and such but otherwise using it can really
bork your system, mentors is a hosting service for packages which will
be part of Debian, at some point. What is needed is a properly
constructed archive, with some of the same procedures NEW, buildds etc.
For packages such as qmail which are useful, but which for some reason
can't be supported in Debian. I also see this as a way for NMs to show
their stuff without the sometimes painfully slow sponsorship process.

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