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Re: what about a unofficial public community repo? (was: Re: qmail and related packages in NEW)


On Sat, 2008-11-29 at 02:19 +0100, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Hi,
> On Saturday 29 November 2008 01:57, William Pitcock wrote:
> > What I propose is something more along the lines of Gentoo's "sunrise"
> > overlay... a repository that anyone can get upload access to provided
> > that they understand basic Debian policy and have established that they
> > will be non-malicious (likely through some sort of indirect uploading
> > for a few months). Basically a true *community* repo.
> just seen on #debian-community
> <h01ger> hmmm
> <h01ger> "community-repo" makes me think we should setup somethink like 
> ubuntus PPA on debian-community.org
> <h01ger> interesting idea
> * h01ger scratches head

As mentioned on #debian-community, I don't think PPAs are the right way
to address this because PPAs are separate from each other, and therefore
require many sources.list lines.

The ideal way to handle this would be to have a single repository. PPAs
solve a different problem, which is giving contributors and developers a
playground to publish their in-progress packages. This is more about
getting packages to users in an efficient way, for maintainers that do
not wish to include those packages in Debian proper for either policy
reasons, code quality reasons, or otherwise.


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