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Re: Package plugins packaging


Всеволод Величко wrote:
> May be, you can help me with the following?
>> which CC licenses are treated as DFSG compatible now? Could someone read this license:
>> http://pastebin.com/m4ba1c5ed and say, can I package smile pack, which uses this license,
>> for the non-free section, or it'll be rejected?

  I see this:

- You can distribute them for free use in forums, chats and other
applications, as long as the smiles are unmodified and this text file is
included within the RAR file.
- You may not repackage them and redistribute them with other smiles
without my permission.

  This makes it look like it is not possible to switch from the original
archive to any other kind of archive. So you cannot distribute it as a
Debian package. Drop it ;-)...



Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer

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