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Re: Package plugins packaging

Le vendredi 07 novembre 2008 à 19:37 +0300, Всеволод Величко a écrit :
> I need help from expereinced maintainers, because I don't know, how to
> do it right.
> I have some QT program, qutIM, which should be builded by cmake. Also,
> there is a number of plugins, who use qmake for building and are
> developed as separate branches. For plugin compilation its source must
> be placed to the qutim source /plugins/ directory, i.e. I must have
> source of qutim to compile qutim plugin. So I have a problem, how must
> I organize their packaging?

You can ship the sources in a qutim-source package and use it to build
the plugins, but that’s really fugly.

Another approach is to find out what files are necessary for compiling
plugins. Theoretically, you don’t need the C++ sources, only the headers
and maybe some static libraries. Then, you can ship all of this in a
qutim-devel package, and modify the build system of the plugins so that
it uses them.

You can also look for another IM software without such a clueless

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