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Package plugins packaging

Hello, all.

I need help from expereinced maintainers, because I don't know, how to do it right.
I have some QT program, qutIM, which should be builded by cmake. Also, there is a number of plugins, who use qmake for building and are developed as separate branches. For plugin compilation its source must be placed to the qutim source /plugins/ directory, i.e. I must have source of qutim to compile qutim plugin. So I have a problem, how must I organize their packaging? I have an idea to create one source package qutim, which will include all plugins and produce after compilations packages qutim, qutim-plugin-icq, qutim-plugin-jabber, etc. But as the main package and plugins are developed by different teams, I don't know - is it possible? Should I place plugins in orig.tar.gz or in diff.tar.gz? Or such packaging should be done in completely different way? I really don't know :)
And 2 minor questions: I haven't found clear answer, which CC licenses are treated as DFSG compatible now? Could someone read this license: http://pastebin.com/m4ba1c5ed and say, can I package smile pack, which uses this license, for the non-free section, or it'll be rejected?
Thank you.

Best wishes,
Velichko Vsevolod

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