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Re: [DRAFT] resolving DFSG violations

Am 2008-11-03 12:59:53, schrieb Gunnar Wolf:
> Michelle Konzack dijo [Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 12:10:48AM +0100]:
> > Curently I am building a hardware where the parts cost arround 40US$ per
> > device (@10.000) and using the same microcontroller with a  "big"  FLASH
> > memory would mke this Hardware arround 5 US$ in  final  production  more
> > expensive.
> > 
> > So for the end-users arreound 10 US$ or 8 Euro
> > 
> > Are you willing to pay arround 15-18% more for such hardware?
> So probably the end result won't be shipping raw Debian in your
> product - As you are not willing to release the firmware, Debian

???  --  I am willing  to  do  this!  It  is  EUROPEAN  LAW  which  make
HARDWARE manufacturer responsable if someone MODIFY Firmware and disturb
public e.g. GSM networks...

Such sensibel stuff must be protected...

And, I can not install EmDebian on my "Nokia 6120 classic" if I  do  not
upload a firmware befor installing a new system like EmDebian onto it...

> cannot inlcude it. Yes, even if it is worthless without a $8000
> compiler. Who knows? If the device is interesting enough and becomes
> highly successful, somebody (i.e. the Debian project?) can decide to
> pay $8000 for the compiler license and be able to fix bugs or enhance
> your firmware? 

The software is accessibel for anyone who is willing the price...

> If sharing the source for the firmware is not an option to you, and
> raising the price so the device can be self-sufficient without the
> computer uploading a firmware to it, then... Well, your device won't
> be natively supported by Debian. And that's not necesarily a curse! Of
> course I'd like every device on Earth to be Debian-based, but
> sometimes reality does not agree with my wishes.

The other problem is, IF the software is in Debian, there is  normaly  a
maintainer which adapt the loader and such to stay usable over different
releases...  If a hardware manufacturer must do this, maybe  the  Device
is working on Etch and not more on Lenny or Sid, because he has not  the
resources to track all changes in a distribution or maybe several...

In my opinion, there must be done somethin for sensible  Software  which
can harm for example public GSM networks or such.

This is not an issue about Open Source but security...

You can even kill a person which has a pace-maker...

Described in a letter to me from the TÜV Rheinland (Germany).

> Oh, here we have a problem. You are 100% free and want to use GPL3 -
> So you are required to distribute the sources, the preferred form of
> modification. If not even the input you give to the mighty $8000
> compiler qualifies as source, then maybe the schematics you have on
> the whiteboard do?

The problem is, that most people consider only "human readable files" as
source but not the project files of some propietary Firmware-Builder.

> You just cannot say "there is no source". That
> would imply the firmware is a result of your computer's creativity -
> and I'd seriously doubt it.

More or less, because you can not do realy much on the firmware...

The hardware is fixed. You have to configure filters, Frequencies, Power
and such...  You can disable functionalities  and  can  choose,  whether
your GSM device should automaticaly search for a  better  frequency  and
correspondence provider (e.g. if you are not in your  home  country)  or
fix it for the frequencies in Europe...

The major problem are the frequencies and the output power of the device
which can harm if someone modify it...

As I have already sayed, this has nothing to do  with  Open  Source  but
with LAW and security...  And I asume, there are equivalen laws  in  the
USNA (nice resource on the FCC website) or any other  countries  in  the
world.  AFAIK there is something on the Website from the IUT.

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack
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