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Re: Leverage in licensing discussions (was: [DRAFT] resolving DFSG violations)

Am 2008-11-04 14:02:14, schrieb Josselin Mouette:
> In other words, I think the carrot has better leverage on them than the
> stick. Of course it all depends on who we???re talking, as the stick will
> work just fine on an obscure Chinese manufacturer but not on a
> world-leading company that sells high-grade hardware at 10 times the
> price.

Thats not all...

I have goten a Chinese Manufacturer who has already build a  GSM  Module
supporting Voice, SMS, MMS, VideoTelephone, GPRS, EDGE UMTS and HSDPA.

The problem is, that even if it is mass production since  some  time,  I
can not distribute the firmware as  open  source  since  it  change  the
behavour of the hardware which then can distrurb the GSM network.

Attaching a FLASH memory of several MByte to it, would the  module  make
6 times more expensive...  and no one would buy it anymore... And  as  I
have already written, I do not know HOW OpenMoko will solv this problem,
but FreeRunner/OpenMoko or PurpleMagic are not allowd to run  in  Europe
with Open Source GSM-Firmware.  And of  course,  PurpleMagic  has  never
respond to my three E-Mails and one Letter. (they are in France)

This was the last word of the TÜV Rheinland...

The manufacturer MUST asure, that the, e.g., GSM/UMTS network will no be

IF, Debian distribute the OpenMoko Software within Debian, it could harm
the Debian Projecc for legal reason...

And they is some other hardware on which one can not install Debian,  IF
the installer has no access to the firmware to activate a device...

And YES, my SmartPhone "Nokia 6120 classic" (ARM926-EJ, 312 MHz,  128 MB
Flash, 64 MByte mobile SDRAM, 8 GByte micoSDHC) is now running  EmDebian
but it does not help,  if  the  Firmware  written  by  me,  can  not  be
distributed as Open Source, hence not in /main/ and  the  installer  can
not install anything  since  you  must  first  upload  the  firmware  to
activate something...

If the Debian CD/DVD/BlueRay do not include the /non-free/ directory  or
ship the stuff in /main/ or /contrib/ then there are many devices  which
can not be used with Debian, even it should work with it...

Note:   There are MANY Open-Source Extremists, which give a fsck  on  it
        and saying: "I would not buy such hardware" but this has NOTHING
        to do with the manufacturer but network security and law.

        Unfortunately I know several of them (a group) which code  there
        own GSM firmware but the problem is, if they come in my near and
        switch from GPRS to UMTS I lost my GSM connection...

        Also there is a Website of a women, which has  created  a  small
        hardware which can kick-off GSM devices...  She has designed it,
        because she was very angry about peoples, using ther cell-phones
        to laud in public...  Using her device  can  lead  to  juridical
        actions against the user...  Disturbing of Public-Networks.

        So ANY hardware which MUST use  tested  certified  hardware  and
        software can not be used with Debian...

Note 2: Since my Outdoor HandBag TablePC use as Main CPU an i.MX31 and
        as GSM Processor a PNX6712 the firmware will be not  updatable
        from users...  I give a fsck on users who say:

            "Then I will not buy your hardware!"

        because such users are assholes since the can not even Upgrade
        the Firmware of there Cell-Phone which  is  to  99%  based  on
        ARM926-EJ and could run EmDebian witout any problems.

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack
    24V Electronic Engineer
    Tamay Dogan Network
    Debian GNU/Linux Consultant

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