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Re: Bug reports of DFSG violations are tagged 'lenny-ignore'?

Ben Finney (2008-10-21 17:37 +1100):

> That's not the point being made: As I understand Manoj's point, it is
> that tagging a bug ‘lenny-ignore’ is an active decision that a
> particular bug, even if it represents a DFSG violation, will not be
> considered in the decision to release.
> To that extent, it *is* making the decision that it is acceptable to
> release Debian with DFSG-violating works, in advance of the decision
> to actually release.

OK guys, please. As a random Debian user may I suggest that you stop
investigating _who_ is violating DFSG and instead focus on _what_ things
are the cause of violating DFSG. I guess we know about the "what" part
already and that part exists in Sid too. So I think you should do

    apt-get source linux-2.6

and go fix the issues you are concerned about - or help testing the
fixes provided by others (I might do some testing too). And perhaps the
users whose hardware won't be supported anymore appreciate some help on
how to work around their problem. (It looks like this includes me.)

Anyway, thanks for all the DDs and Debian community for this
mostly-pretty-good operating system.

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