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Re: Bug reports of DFSG violations are tagged ‘lenny-ignore’?

* Manoj Srivastava [Mon, 20 Oct 2008 15:14:15 -0500]:


>         But developers are not the only infliences on your decision. You
>  have agreed to abide by the social contract, have you not? That, too,
>  should dictate how you act within your delegated role. 


>         There is nothing to feel betrayed by, all kinds of people make
>  all kinds of mistakes, and I do not live in a perpetual feeling of
>  victimization or betrayal.


>         In other words, if the release team is allowing packages to
>  violate the DFSG, one must prove something to the relese team (not sure
>  what that is, exactly). Is it in dispute that non-free blobs that
>  violate the DFSG actually violate the DFSG?

>         Or does the release team need someone to quote the contitution
>  and the social contrat to them? (I doubt that is the case, since the
>  RM"s are mostly quite competent)

>         Are you saying you want the project to show you that the SC is
>  still relevant, by passing yet another GR?

>         Please pardon my confusion, since you ought to be aware that
>  English is not my first (or second) language.

>         So, could you explain  your view of the issue here, without
>  bringing in feeling of betrayal, which I do not comprehend?

I agreed to abide by the social contract, but I happen to think that
these lenny-ignore tags at hand are acceptable in order to get a release
out, /and/ I also believe that a majority of the developers happens to
think the same (otherwise I wouldn't condone their use; I repeat: if I
thought most DDs would think they are not reasonable, I would not
approve of them even if they'd be reasonable to me).

I may as well be mistaken in this belief, so I'm open to being proved
wrong. To be proven, specifically, that the developers at large don't
want these lenny-ignore tags applied. (That should answer your question

>         I have no idea about how betrayal features here: I just believe
>  that the decision to ignore these problems in Lenny fall beyond the
>  powers given to delegates.

This is a very interesting point, actually. My opinion is that: (a) they
are a tool the release team should have, (b) the release team should not
drift from the project at large in their use, (c) as with every other
decision from a developer, they are always overrideable by a GR.


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