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Re: Bug reports of DFSG violations are tagged ‘lenny-ignore’?

On Mon, Oct 20 2008, Adeodato Simó wrote:

> I agreed to abide by the social contract, but I happen to think that
> these lenny-ignore tags at hand are acceptable in order to get a release
> out, /and/ I also believe that a majority of the developers happens to
> think the same (otherwise I wouldn't condone their use; I repeat: if I
> thought most DDs would think they are not reasonable, I would not
> approve of them even if they'd be reasonable to me).

        I think that we should not just assume that the developers think
 that violating the DFSG is acceptable just to release a new version. I
 think we should have the project explicitly state this, via a GR, like
 we have done for the last two releases.

        We should not get so blase about violating the DFSG that we do
 not even ask, and just assume eveyone is  going to just accept DFSG
 violations in a core component because it is facile, and because
 somehow the release when we are ready sentiment is old fashioned.

> This is a very interesting point, actually. My opinion is that: (a) they
> are a tool the release team should have, (b) the release team should not
> drift from the project at large in their use, (c) as with every other
> decision from a developer, they are always overrideable by a GR.

        The tools do not make decisions, people do. I also think that
 the foundation documents codify what the core values for the project
 are. If the release team is drifting away from the foundation
 documents, I think they are drifting away from the project at large, by

        If you want a GR to tell you you should follow the social
 contract, I suppose  we'll have to go through the motions.

        If the social contract and the whole freedom thing have become
 passe, and the project members think so, we should then pass a GR
 deleting the SC and the DFSG, and just ship whatever is convenient. I
 am not sure I would still want to be part of the project that does
 that, though.

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