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Re: Bug reports of DFSG violations are tagged ???lenny-ignore????

Robert Millan wrote:
>> > >         Has the current release team lowered the bar on Debian actually
>> > >  trying to follow the social contract?
>> > 
>> > Yes, they have.
>> What if, instead of ranting everywhere, you actually contributed code to
>> fix these bugs?
> I did...

You contributed one(!) - untested - patch for e100 and did nothing for the
rest since beginning of August.

These bugs were tagged "help" by the Debian Kernel Team since the same
day you filed them. The same team, which is already heavily overworked
and which already fixed/pruned lots of drivers with the 2.6.23-1 upload.

If it were really important, why didn't you start with this directly after
Etch release? Why didn't you do anything substantially since two and a half

Where are your patches working on these issues upstream? If it is so
important to you, why didn't you even notice that all this firmware
separation work is already going on upstream led by David Woodhouse?
(The same applies to Nathanael Nerode, who never did a thing to get
all this resolved instead of pestering around)

> ...but you missed the point.  They're not wishlist bugs.  If they were, I
> wouldn't care much about them.

Well, bugs don't get magically fixed.
You didn't do anything substantially about them, so you can hardly complain.


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