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Re: Is it a "user error" to use lilo?

On Wed, 2008-08-27 at 16:53 +0200, Bjørn Mork wrote:
> William Pitcock <nenolod@dereferenced.org> writes:
> > If you have both GRUB and LILO installed, there will be problems. That
> > is infact, a bug. They should Conflict with each other to ensure that
> > only one can be installed at a time, but it is a minor bug at best, as
> > any smart user would not have both bootloaders installed. And infact,
> > any typical user would not install a second bootloader.
> Well, since I'm obviously not a smart user I can continue to ask the
> stupid questions :-)
> What is the recommended procedure for changing from e.g. lilo to grub?
> Since you plan to drop lilo post-lenny, I guess this will be a quite
> common question during the lifetime of lenny.  Users will notice that
> lilo is being deprecated and wonder how to switch. Maybe something to
> document in either lilo or grub? or both.

For lilo's particular usecases, we would probably be proposing (extlinux
| grub | grub2-pc) as an alternative.

As for migration, I am not sure yet. It will be something that will have
to be decided post-lenny, as well as lilo's fate. Lilo's codebase is
mostly unmaintainable.


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