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Re: Bug#481134: libpoppler does not use cmap files from xpdf-{japanese,...}, and fails to parse Japanese PDF files.

在 2008-08-22五的 07:51 -0700,Junichi Uekawa写道:
> 1. poppler was theoretically self-contained, poppler-data was REJECTed
> once and not yet part of non-free as of today.

Which is now sitting in NEW queue again for approval[1].  IMHO, It
doesn't worth to put effort in something to solve problem that is
already handled by others, which makes it unnecessary once accepted.
Better to push ftp-masters to get it reviewed and ask for a freeze
exception ASAP.

[1] http://ftp-master.debian.org/new/poppler-data_0.2.0-1.html

Deng Xiyue, a.k.a. manphiz

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