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Re: Bug#481134: libpoppler does not use cmap files from xpdf-{japanese,...}, and fails to parse Japanese PDF files.


I'm a bit worried that this needs to be fixed for 

packages. The fix would probably be simple. It should probably be
hardlinks rather than symlinks considering dpkg behavior wrt symlinked

I'd like this fix included in lenny so that we don't see a regression
in Debian for Japanese users.

There was a package in the NEW queue 'poppler-data' which should
really have fixed this bug.

That going into Debian sid would fix this bug also, but not quite sure
if it's reasonable to expect a new package to enter Debian lenny.


> clone 481134 -1
> reassign 481134 xpdf-japanese
> retitle 481134 xpdf-japanese Should register fonts in fontconfig and/or defoma and/or provide poppler specific symlinks
> retitle -1 poppler doesn't support xpdf config anymore
> severity -1 important
> stop
>         Heya,
>  Executive summary: downgrading RC-ness against poppler, the burden of
>  the fix is probably on xpdf-japanese to start with.  Request for
>  comments/help on fontconfig/defoma topics.

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