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Re: Some autobuilders wait for build-indep dependencies

FRANCISCO MOYA FERNANDEZ <Francisco.Moya@uclm.es> wrote:
> I already know that people do also build their own packages, thanks.
> You do not need to "rewire" the debian/rules in order to build
> zeroc-ice binary-arch packages but AFAIK in your PowerPC you cannot
> currently build zeroc-ice binary-all packages, no matter what I do.

> You do not need to issue an NMU if you find some binary-all packages
> that could be built in architectures other than i386. Report the bug
> and I will add them in the next release. The kludge will add another
> exception.  Note that this is not a guarantee to be able to build
> binary-all but perhaps you could build binary/libzeroc-ice-java (?)

> The zeroc-ice build dependencies are right to the best of my
> knowledge, but dpkg-buildpackage -B do not currently check them all.
> Target build must satisfy Build-Depends-Indep (cf. Debian Policy
> 7.7) but dpkg-buildpackage fail to enforce that for binary-arch
> builds

Policy does not reflect reality for both build and clean targets. The
aim of the whole thing is to not require the build daemons to install
stuff needed only for building archtecture all packages. To do this
the buildds run dpkg-buildpackage -B.

The working definition of Build-Depends(-Indep) is:

* Build-Depends: Everything needed for dpkg-buildpackage -B
* Build-Depends-Indep: Packages needed in addition to Build-Depends for
    running dpkg-buildpackage -b

"dpkg-buildpackage -B" runs debian/rules clean, build and binary-arch.
"dpkg-buildpackage -b" runs debian/rules clean, build and binary.

cu andreas
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