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libplasma2 and kdebase-workspace-data

Hi guys,
I'm trying to make a .deb package with cowdancer directly from a "debianized" source.
I got this error:

libplasma2: Depends: kdebase-workspace-data (= 4:4.1.0-1) but it is not installable

packages.debian.org/libplasma2 reports dependency with kdebase-workspace-data 4.1.0-2 (I'm not on amd64). packages.debian.org/kdebase-workspace-data reports 4.1.0-2 is good with all archs.

Now the question :)

I need to downgrade package kdebase-workspace-data from -2 to -1 to make compliant ? How I can selectively downgrade packages on cowdancer/pbuilder environment ? I can ignore this warning ??? How I can force installation of a single package on cowdancer/pbuilder ?

10x a lot,

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