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Re: Some autobuilders wait for build-indep dependencies

On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 11:29:53AM +0200, Francisco Moya wrote:
> Hi,
> I've uploaded a new version of zeroc-ice packages which essentially
> falls back to target build-arch whenever the autobuilder tries the build
> target on architectures other than i386.  I hope the Build-Options
> control field or a similar approach will enter the Debian policy soon so
> that I can remove the kludge.


Building a package does not only happen on your own system or on buildd
hosts; it also happens on end-user hosts, or on the machines of fellow
developers. I don't *want* to have to deal with an NMU where I first
have to rewire the entire debian/rules file before I can build a decent
package on my powerpc-based laptop, thank you.

It's unfortunate that build-arch currently isn't really implemented, but
that's what currently the state is, so you'll have to go with it. Make
sure everything you need for both "clean", "build", and "binary-arch" is
installed for your build, and upload that. Please.

For reference, sbuild (the building part of buildd) currently uses
"dpkg-buildpackage -B" as the job that does the actual building. You're
welcome to patch dpkg so that that will call build-arch, but until

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