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Re: RFH: clamav

Stephen Gran wrote:
> This one time, at band camp, Stephen Gran said:
>> I'm looking for people to help with maintenance of clamav.
> So, I got a total of one reply to this RFH.  I'm currently debating
> whether or not to release clamav with lenny or orphan it.  I don't think
> I'm interested in taking it through the next stable release on my own,
> so an orphan looks likely, but I'm interested enough to want to be part
> of a team if anyone else is interested.  If you're interested in seeing
> it release, please contact me off list.

I've mentioned it before, but it didn't come to any real conclusion:
I think we should only support clamav through volatile.debian.org and
not through the regular archive. It has happened twice that clamav
became unusable through the lifecycle of a release (Sarge's version
failed to parse malware signatures since later releases required more
advanced engine features and Etch's version is unusably slow for the
same reason #454587) and we shouldn't repeat this for a third time.

Only providing current versions through volatile will also be less
work than all the backporting that's currently being done. There're
a few libclamav reverse-deps, which need to be adressed, though.


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