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Re: A tool for tracking masked updates to stable packages


Marcin Owsiany wrote:
> |  - making local changes to the official version. In this case, the most
> |    reliable way is to make the version string sort as older than the
> |    official one (using the "tilde" feature of dpkg) and force
> |    installation of such package using pinning. (The other strategy:
> |    trying to invent a version string newer than the current one, but
> |    older than the next one is difficult to do reliably.)

  In that case, a solution that comes to my mind is to use the Forbid
feature of aptitude: you install the locally-modified version and forbid
the version currently in stable. This way, aptitude won't install it,
but it will upgrade to a later version if there is one.

  Of course, you'll still have to prepare a new version based on the new
one, but at least, you'll notice there is an upgrade available.



Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer

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