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Re: Intel Atom Processor

On Tue, Jul 22, 2008, Kushal Koolwal wrote:
> > The Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) effort is one to provide a good desktop
> > experience on subnotebooks / UMPCs by using a different desktop
> > representation of the same apps.
> Hmm..I think the following text confused me from this website:
> http://www.ubuntu.com/news/netbook-remix
> "Ubuntu Netbook Remix leverages Moblin technologies optimized for the
> Intel Atom processor. Intel and Canonical are working to create a next
> generation computing experience across a new category of affordable
> Internet-centric, portable devices; including Mobile Internet Devices
> (MIDs), netbooks, nettops and embedded devices based on Intel Atom
> processor technology." 
> I thought the Ubuntu Netbook Remix is result of moblin technologies

 After reading the above page, I was confused as well and poked
 Pete Goodall on this topic; he explained that UNR is built in its ppa
 for both i386 and lpia, that there are no downloadable Ubuntu Desktop
 images for lpia, so it's likely that UNR is only used under i386 for
 now, but work is in progress to provide lpia based UNR installs.  The
 Moblin references are meant for the lpia binaries, as Moblin is a set
 of components targeted for Intel Atom, so the "lpia" concept is a
 Moblin one, he clarified.

 So I guess that you were perferctly right to mention all these things
 together (UNR, Moblin, lpia...).  My personal view was a strict split
 with Moblin providing upstream software (Midbrowser, Moblin Image
 Creator, Mobile Basic Flash etc.), lpia being a dpkg arch, and UNR a
 bunch of packages.

Loïc Minier

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