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Re: Intel Atom Processor

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008, Kushal Koolwal wrote:
> > The atom seem to be x86-compatible. so what is the issue that would stop
> > it from any i386-based Debian package?
> That's true. But it seems that these processors are low power and are
> made for Ultra mobile PC (UMPC) and netbooks and to take advantage of
> this the applications need to be optimized/ported to take advantages
> that this  processor has to offer.
> For example, Ubuntu started the netbook-remix program to port
> applications for Intel Atom processors based on the Intel's moblin
> project (http://www.moblin.org/).
> https://edge.launchpad.net/netbook-remix

 Hmm you're mixing many different things here.

 The Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) effort is one to provide a good desktop
 experience on subnotebooks / UMPCs by using a different desktop
 representation of the same apps.

 moblin 1.0 is an effort to provide new software for Mobile Internet
 Devices (MIDs); small screens too, but importantly *touchscreen* based,
 and even smaller form factor.  In 1.0, moblin software runs atop the
 "Hildon" stack, the Gtk+-based toolkit developped by Nokia for its MID

 Ubuntu's project to support Intel Atom processors takes the form of the
 "lpia" dpkg architecture which is basically like x86, but with
 different optimizations.  Also, this architecture has been used to
 enable Hildon or MID specific changes / patches / configs / hacks.

 moblin software is being packaged in Ubuntu.  I'm not sure UNR landed
 in Ubuntu proper for now.  I think current UNR images are only i386
 based (not lpia).  Ubuntu Mobile / Ubuntu MID images are only lpia.

Loïc Minier

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