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Re: Screenshots of GUI applications (again)

On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 11:53:14AM -0500, Drake Wilson wrote:
> One data point: a screenshot with no window decorations loses a small
> amount of information, primarily the caption used for the window.
> Interesting ways of working around this might involve storing the
> caption as metadata, or storing the screenshot with decorations and
> then storing the rectangle corresponding to the client area as
> metadata.

You are assuming "one application = one window", aren't you?

Anyhow, the whole discussion about windows declaration seems quite
useless to me: decorations are just a tiny bit in the information a
screenshot can convey to the potential user, especially considering that
most screenshot submitters will be using, say, 4 different window
managers, most of which will just have the default theme.

If decorations really bother people, just add a caption (maybe
automatically generated using the yet to come "reportscreenshot" command
line utility) stating: "screenshot took under GNOME x.y, using metacity
x.y, theme bla".

That's it, at least that way we won't hinder screenshot submissions due
to too constraining, annoying requirements to *just take a screenshot*.


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