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Screenshots of GUI applications (again)

Dear list...

the matter has been discussed at least twice already. Roberto C. Sanchez 
brought the matter back up in January 2008. The response was very positive 
but nobody wanted to implement that. Several Debian end users in my circle 
would surely be happy about having screenshots available for GUI 
applications to get a quick impression of how different GUI programs 
look/feel like without tediously installing, trying and deinstalling them. 
The "Description:" doesn't really give a good mental picture and different 
maintainers choose different wordings there which makes applications hard 
to compare by just reading the text.

So I'd like to get things moving. I assume we had to do this:

- Propose a new optional debian/control field "X-Screenshot:" pointing to
  an URL serving an image file (PNG, JPG)
  [debian-devel-announce as soon as we are ready?]
- Create a new tree on hg.debian.org to host screenshots.
- Alternatively provide a web service that hosts screenshots so that
  packages can point to it (e.g. http://screenshots.debian.net/PACKAGE).
  The service should also scale down the pictures to a reasonable
  size suitable for thumbnail display (max 150x150).
  (I can program that if needed. The only problem is probably
  authenticating the maintainer. Maybe a simple email interface
  checking PGP signatures will do. Needs further brainstorming.)
- Change packages.debian.org to show the thumbnail from the
  package's control file. I will work on a patch if desired.
- Add this feature to package managers (synaptic, kpackage, ...).
  I don't know enough about GUI programming yet that I could possibly
  help here.

Actually that doesn't sound too hard. And it would be a neat little 
service. Let me know what you think and please step forward if you are 
already working on something like that.

This time we will really do it. :)

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