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Re: Screenshots of GUI applications (again)

Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> John H. Robinson, IV dijo [Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 08:50:26AM -0700]:
>> I like the url suggestion. I propose one modification:
>>   http://screenshots.d.n/<bin-package-name>/0
>>   http://screenshots.d.n/<bin-package-name>/1
>>   http://screenshots.d.n/<bin-package-name>/n
>> where image 0 is the default image displayed in rendering agent. For
>> simplicity, they should be all the same format. I would suggest PNG.
>> I am less certain how to handle the full/medium-sized images vs the
>> thumbnail.
> In any case, the version should be noted (and possibly expired, once
> it's oldstable or so) -
> http://screenshots.d.n/<bin-package-name>/<version>/0

With a fallback url? ;)

> So, if this gets implemented, having a field in debian/control would
> be unnecessary - any apt front-end showing screenshots would know
> exactly where to look for them (and whether to show a warning of "old
> screenshot" if needed).

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