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Re: Screenshots of GUI applications (again)


Christoph Haas wrote:

> - Propose a new optional debian/control field "X-Screenshot:" pointing to
>   an URL serving an image file (PNG, JPG)

I don't think this is needed and could significantly bloat Packages.gz

> - Create a new tree on hg.debian.org to host screenshots.
> - Alternatively provide a web service that hosts screenshots so that
>   packages can point to it (e.g. http://screenshots.debian.net/PACKAGE).
>   The service should also scale down the pictures to a reasonable
>   size suitable for thumbnail display (max 150x150).
>   (I can program that if needed. The only problem is probably
>   authenticating the maintainer. Maybe a simple email interface
>   checking PGP signatures will do. Needs further brainstorming.)
> - Change packages.debian.org to show the thumbnail from the
>   package's control file. I will work on a patch if desired.
> - Add this feature to package managers (synaptic, kpackage, ...).
>   I don't know enough about GUI programming yet that I could possibly
>   help here.

Instead of all that, why not creating this infrastructure under a
debian.net (like screenshots.debian.net) domain and when it's ready
asking for it to be linked from the PTS, for instance?
Package managers could - after the solution is sufficiently stable -
fetch from it when browsing packages.

You could adopt a standard url syntax for referring to specific packages
(like screenshots.d.n/<bin-package-name>) and create a way for
maintainers to upload screenshots to it (via email, as you suggested,

This way we don't have to change anything in our infrastructure and
still have a semi-official place to put this sort of information.


Leo "costela" Antunes
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