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Re: FHS and /var/www

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 02:55:25AM +0100, Stephen Gran wrote:

> Yes.  My webservers tend to use something like
> /srv/www/<sitename>/{config,cgi-bin,htdocs,lib,logs,blah,blah}/ as the
> normal layout.  Exposing /srv/www as a document root would give access to
> lots of things that are not public in many cases - we tend to not bother
> with .htaccess files since config/ and so on are not under the webroot.

You're not alone with such a setup. /srv is becoming popular exactly
because it does not conflict with the OS.

Quoting the FHS:

	"This main purpose of specifying this is so that _users_ may
	find the location of the data files for particular service, ..."

Note how it only talks about users, not the operating


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