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Re: FHS and /var/www

]] Ben Finney 

| We could deal with this as we did for '/usr/share/doc' vs '/usr/doc';
| that is, make '/srv/www/foo' the canonical location but allow a long
| transition period where '/var/www/foo' is permitted as a symlink to
| '/srv/www/foo'.

You can't know the structure of /srv, see the FHS rationale:

  The methodology used to name subdirectories of /srv is unspecified
  as there is currently no consensus on how this should be done. One
  method for structuring data under /srv is by protocol, eg. ftp,
  rsync, www, and cvs. On large systems it can be useful to structure
  /srv by administrative context, such as /srv/physics/www,
  /srv/compsci/cvs, etc. This setup will differ from host to
  host. Therefore, no program should rely on a specific subdirectory
  structure of /srv existing or data necessarily being stored in
  /srv. However /srv should always exist on FHS compliant systems and
  should be used as the default location for such data.

As long as the structure is unspecified, it is just about impossible
to me to have a sane default pointing to anywhere in /srv (except
directly at /srv itself) as that directory might very well not exist.
I would argue shipping a /srv/www is a bug if the site does not use
that layout.

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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