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Re: Debian release versioning

Paul Wise wrote:
> I think that the versioning scheme needs to take into account the
> possible implementation of Joey Hess' CUT (Constantly Usable Testing)
> idea. I'd suggest 6.X would be CUT releases of lenny+1 and 6.0rY would
> be stable updates.

Surely those would be 7.0~<some_ID> ;-)

> Anyway, lets leave it up to the RMs to paint names and numbers on the
> bikeshed.


Also, I really dislike the "use .5 for -and-a-half releases" in the 
original proposal. For one thing you cannot exclude the risk that 5 point 
releases would be needed for one reason or another before an +1/2 
release. And it also makes it impossible to distinguish between 
the "regular point update" part of such a release and the "+1/2" part.

Finally, a new scheme would also need to provide for "CD image rebuilds" 
shortly after a release as has happened in the past.
See for example "3.1 rev6a" on http://www.debian.org/CD/releases/.


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