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Debian release versioning

So lenny will be Debian 5.0. Many people have questioned this
choice, given how we onconsistently went ...-2.0-2.1-2.2-3.0-3.1-4.0
in the last decade, but it's the RM's choice and not to be debated.

What is to be debated is how to move on from here.

I propose that we get rid of our r-releases and simply let the first
stable update to lenny be 5.1, followed by 5.2, and so on.

lenny+0.5 would logically be 5.5, since it's unlikely that we will
have five stable updates out within 1.5/2=0.75 years, and if we do,
then lenny+0.5 is late.

lenny+1 would be released as 6.0.

This would add sense to our versioning scheme (and help avoid those
discussions in the future).

Instead of long flamewars and floods of AOL posts, I suggest you
update http://doodle.ch/8zauai3nqges2ur8 if you're in favour or you
oppose. You can use http://doodle.ch/syndication/8zauai3nqges2ur8 to
track submissions.

If you do have something to say, then reply.

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