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Opposed (Re: Debian release versioning)

I was in favour at first sight, but not anymore. I agree with Adeodato that in general, the second integer of a software version is more meaningful that a stable update means. Also, as he wrote, it used to mean something entirely different in Debian itself, less than 4 years ago.

But at least equally importantly, a stable update is not really a new Debian version. When you're running software foo version X.Y and X.Y+1 comes out, you'd expect to have an update to do. This is generally not the case with Debian, or it shouldn't. "stable" rather evolves progressively, and a machine updating regularly may see no update or new package in a stable update. The main meaning of a stable update is that installation media is updated. This is quite similar to d-i releases, which aren't reflected in debian_version.

So, I think the Debian version should be simply X. Installation media should reflect the build, with something appended to the Debian version, similar to how it's done now. Maybe "Debian 6 image build X"? revision is not too clear, but I'm not sure how it could be improved. This is basically what we're already doing, except the ".0" is dropped. The only disadvantage with keeping ".0" is that some users will wonder what it means. Perhaps lenny+1 will be announced as "Debian 6".

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