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Re: Debian release versioning

* martin f krafft [Sat, 12 Jul 2008 18:09:09 +0200]:

> I propose that we get rid of our r-releases and simply let the first
> stable update to lenny be 5.1, followed by 5.2, and so on.

I really, really dislike this part. Decimals have always meant a
completely different release, and I'd rather not change their meaning
now. (Plus in free software parlance, the second integer normally means
new features, not just bugfixes.)

We could do the "bump integer for each release" that you suggest, always
releasing at .0. And consistently give the "and a half" releases the .1.

For example: Lenny 5.0, then 5.0r1 and 5.0r2, then "Lenny and a half" 5.1,
followed by 5.1r1, etc. if needed.

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