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Re: unifont - consensus on dependencies

On 22-Jun-08, 12:02 (CDT), unifoundry@unifoundry.com wrote: 
> The updated package will have some new dependencies, and the Debian
> Policy Manual says that any package dependencies should be agreed upon
> by consensus on the debian-devel list before uploading .deb files. 

No, it says that any "Pre-Depends" must be agreed upon. Pre-Depends
is a very specific, very strong relationship which can cause problems
with the install system and can mostly be avoided, which is why you
are encouraged to discuss them here and look for alternatives. Normal
Depends and such can be determined by the maintainer; if there's a
problem, well, that's what the BTS is for.

That said, you can still ask questions about your packaging choices
here; that's one of the purposes of d-devel, after all.


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