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Re: esound [was: Re: Non-related 'Recommends' dependencies - bug or not?]

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Am Mo den 16. Jun 2008 um  6:25 schrieb Martin Pitt:
> esound should *so much* die completely. It has very poor sound quality

I cannot prove that. Its sound quality is much better than the one of
ALSA direct. (Well esd on top of OSS. It is not that good than with OSS
direct but it is ok.)

> (huge A/V desync when playing videos, etc.),

I just see that issues when using ALSA. So please drop ALSA and not ESD.

> very poor code quality

That might be. But that's a problem of many gnome applications.

> The only thing I know which really still needs the esound interface is
> libgnome, for the sound events.

There are other needs.
- - The sound hardware do only support one bitrate and you need something
  between to scale the bitrate.
- - You want to have sound mixing and do not want to use ARTS (Which is

> At least in my personal experience, using ALSA directly (which has had
> dmix enabled by default for years) gives much better results.

My experience is complete opposite. ALSA is that kind of buggy. If you
move the mouse while using sound on ALSA you hear cracks and sound
disorders. Also they halfly translate the config files!!! And then I was
not able to use it long time as it makes my systems complete instable
and it ops all time. (Tested on kernel 2.4.*, 2.6.* and also with debian
kernels or vanilla. And on all distros, Stable, Unstable or testing.)

So please stop removing stuff, which is much better than the stuff which
is recommended.

   Klaus Ethgen
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