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Re: Non-related 'Recommends' dependencies - bug or not?

(d-qa CCed because of the status of esound; please CC me on replies)

On Friday 13 June 2008, you wrote:
> There are plenty of other examples. Here's a few of my favorites (look
> up what packages depend on these libs yourself):
> - libadns1 -> libadns1-bin (test tools/utils)
> - libdjvulibre21 -> djvulibre-desktop (WTF?)
> - libesd0 -> esound-clients
> - libgpod3 -> libgpod-common (I don't have an iPod, but do want amarok)
> - libpcsclite1 -> pcscd (a daemon even)
> - libsane -> sane-utils (OK, I do have a scanner; but how many don't?)
> No, I did not file bugs for these yet, but now that I've assembled the
> list I probably will.

Bugs filed now for these (or info added to existing bugs).

BTW, it looks as esound is in desperate need of a new maintainer.
Last upload in 2006, new upstream versions available and loads of open 
(some trivial packaging) bugs.

Also, the package has had uploads of new upstream versions to Ubuntu 
without getting similar uploads in Debian, but even there not by its 
Debian maintainer who AFAIK is an Canonical employee. Go figure...


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