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Re: Bug#486425: ITP: bomstrip -- strip Byte-Order Marks from UTF-8 text files

ti, 2008-06-17 kello 10:41 +0300, Peter Pentchev kirjoitti:
> As to the packaging, though, I wonder.  The sed and awk implementations
> of bomstrip have problems with files that do not end in a newline.
> Thus, I would prefer to package either the Perl or the C implementation.
> The C implementation is a bit larger (ELF and stuff), but the Perl
> implementation has a run-time dependency on, well, Perl :)
> My personal preference would be towards the C version to avoid
> the unnecessary dependency, but if people feel that 5 KB is too big
> for such a utility, I'll package up the Perl version instead :)

Assuming both the C and Perl versions work identically, you should
package the one which you prefer to fix bugs in. Perl (or perl-base) is
an essential package, so it's going to be on a Debian system anyway.

You could also consider asking Joey Hess about adding some version of
bomstrip to the moreutils package.

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