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Re: future of esound

Hi Martin,

Thanks for replying.

Martin Pitt wrote:
> esound should *so much* die completely. It has very poor sound quality
> (huge A/V desync when playing videos, etc.), very poor code quality
> (it causes complete desktop locks very often, due to not being thread
> safe), and is abandoned upstream.

Then how about starting a campaign to get applications that currently use 
it to build without enabling support for it? Is that even feasible?
I would expect at least some applications to have config switches that 
enable/disable it.

Probably too late to do that for lenny, but it would be good to start on 
it early afterwards.

> For the record, Ryan Murray isn't a Canonical employee.

My mistake then. And my apologies for that.

> Also, the last upstream update was done by a community member who
> screwed it up pretty severely (he dropped all the Debian and Ubuntu
> patches). 

Yeah, I saw some comments about that in your changelog entries.


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