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Re: Considerations for lilo removal

William Pitcock wrote:
> I am wondering if it is a good idea to remove lilo entirely. At the
> moment, lilo has been pulled from testing, and the code is in a shape

That's just great. That means that whoever did this just broke an option 
that's been available in Debian Installer since forever: to choose lilo 
as bootloader rather than grub. And it seems for no other reason than 
cosmetically bring the RC count down as the BR shows that testing 
currently is not affected (still has 2.6.24).

It really would be nice if the RT would would contact us (D-I team) before 
taking such actions, especially as we just had a fairly big discussion 
about a similar case. It can't be too hard to make the mental jump from
"$bootloader package" to "installation system".

> where a grave bug (bug #479607) is unlikely fixable without severe
> refactoring of the codebase.
> With grub being stable and grub2 approaching stability itself, do we
> really need lilo anymore? It's not even installed by default anymore,
> and the only systems I have that are still on lilo are installations of
> Debian I have had since Woody.

We still very regularly get installation reports where people use lilo 
rather than grub, so it must still have a fairly significant user base. I 
would say that the activity on the bug report shows the same.

Please keep the D-I team informed of where this is going.


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