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Re: Triggers in menu

Le mercredi 04 juin 2008 à 16:33 -0400, Joey Hess a écrit :
> The current triggers code does not call the triggered script each time a
> file is touched. The triggered script is called once at the end of the
> dpkg run, and once after the set of changed packages are unpacked. (I'm
> not sure why the latter call happens.)

I also noticed the python-support trigger is run after unpack phase, not
at the end of the dpkg run like it should (this leads to some
missing .pyc files when first installing a package). If I triggered it
explicitly again in the postinst (like update-menus does), it would make
it run twice, meaning one too much.

Both issues could be avoided if dpkg delayed triggers until the end of
the run.

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