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Triggers in menu


in menu 2.1.39 the trigger feature was implemented.  I wonder whether
this implementation is really clever because update-menus which might
take some time is called for every package that touches /usr/lib/menu
or /usr/share/menu.  While there is a migration path described in
#473467 which brings the number of update-menus runs per apt run back
down to 1 (see #473461)  I really wonder whether this is a sane approach.

IMHO using a Post-Invoke script that will call update-menus at the
end of an apt run would be the better solution to make sure that
update-menus is called only once - which is the correct number of
runs for update-menus which is really needed.  So a trigger feature
of update-menus could set a flag (for instance touch /var/run/update-menus)
and in case this file exists a Post-Invoke script could start update-menus.

Did I missed anything which might make update-menus necessary for every
change in /usr/{lib,share}/menu???

Kind regards



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