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Re: Triggers in menu

On Wed, 4 Jun 2008, Joey Hess wrote:

I definitely doubt that because there is no other explanation for #484167.

Conffiles are not moved into place until package configuration time,
so #484167 is entirely consistent with the latter call I describe

Ah OK, this explains the problem.  So even if I'm not convinced that the
trigger mechanism in menu is reasonable regarding performance I can work
around the problem by verifying the existance of the config file in
cdd-menu which works around the bug (just done in SVN).  But I would
*really* prefer to have an option to detect *why* the config file is
missing.  It would be interesting whether there is any mechanism to find
out whether update-menus was called because of a trigger (there is this
undocumented command line option (see #484561) to enable cdd-menu to
detect that there is a simple reason for the missing config file (and
to exit 0) or whether there is something seriousely broken (and exit
something else than 0).

Any hint?

Kind regards


PS: Did anybody made some stats about the amount of time which is wasted
    by a typical installation when upgrading from Etch to Lenny because
    of the lot of update-menus calls?


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