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Re: 37.5% boot time reduction in Lenny is possible (recipe)

[Lennart Sorensen]
> Yeah I was using the CONCURRENCY= to do it.
> As for hardware, well, RuggedCom RX1000 v2.  That is Geode LX800, 256MB
> RAM, 256MB silicon systems compact flash on the IDE port, running UDMA,
> capable of about 9MB/s read.

Right.  Did you see if readahead helped?

> It seems the extra overhead it needed to manage the parallel startup
> along with forking multiple shells to handle them, actually added a
> couple of seconds to the startup much to my surprise.

I suspect the makemode of startpar might work better.  It is not
enabled yet.  I have to spend some time to test it, as it require a
rewrite if init.d/rc.  It checks the system load and will start things
based on the declared dependencies, not the sequence number.  This is
how insserv and startpar is used by the authors, so I suspect it is
the optimal way to do it. :)

I am still curious on  your boot sequence, though.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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