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Re: dbus and initscripts

This one time, at band camp, Wouter Verhelst said:
> Currently, policy does not explicitly say that an initscript should
> not restart other services than the one it takes care of by itself,
> and Sjoerd suggested that a bug about this would be closed. Since
> policy doesn't explicitly support neither mine nor Sjoerd's position,
> I'm raising the issue here: what do other people think?

I find dbus' behavior in this very annoying.  I understand the reasoning
(especially on upgrade), but I'd really prefer to see something more
like libc's handling.  Even more. I'd prefer if all of this logic could
actually be moved out of the packages themselves, perhaps into a
'needs-restart' trigger that could be run once at the end of the
upgrade.  Making a more generalized solution would allow the libc-style
handling to be done more easily for other library upgrades.
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