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Handling of removed packages


For some time now, I have been thinking about the problem of packages
which are removed from the archive at some point, without an (enforced)
transition to a new package name. Users of such packages keep them
around, usually never noticing the fact that no security (or other)
support is available anymore.

Our current package management doesn't handle this case at all, so we
might need to fix this - we just need to decide how. The probably
easiest way would be to make apt whine on all packages that are not
available in any version at one of the locations specified in
sources.list. This trivial solution sucks, because locally created
packages [1] also fall in this category. So, has anyone a good idea
solving this problem, without needing to keepr masses of status/diff/bla
files around?


[1]  Such as kernel packages, binary kernel modules built from sources
     available in the archive, local configuration packages, ...
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