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Re: Handling of removed packages

Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt wrote:
> Our current package management doesn't handle this case at all, so we
> might need to fix this - we just need to decide how. The probably
> easiest way would be to make apt whine on all packages that are not
> available in any version at one of the locations specified in
> sources.list. This trivial solution sucks, because locally created
> packages [1] also fall in this category. So, has anyone a good idea
> solving this problem, without needing to keepr masses of status/diff/bla
> files around?

Not perfect, but one of the solutions I've found is a script I wrote:

> $ notAptable --help
> notAptable [--version] [--help] [-s/var/lib/dpkg/status] 
[-aptf/path/to/aptavail/equiv/file]  [-aptx'apt-cache dumpavail'] 
> List packages which are installed on the system  but are not known by apt.
> Options:
>         -s Path to file to use when grepping for installed packages
>         -aptf Path to file to use when grepping for the apt-able packages
>         -aptx Same as above but instead of being a file the specified
command is executed
>         -i Exclude a package that would otherwise be listed
> When not overriden by an option the default files/data is up to
grep-dctrl's defaults
> This script is said to report packages that were removed from the archive
> (except those listed in /home/raphael/.listNotAptable.ignore)
> Copyright 2008 by Raphael Geissert <atomo64@gmail.com>

> $ wc -l /home/raphael/.listNotAptable.ignore
> 19 /home/raphael/.listNotAptable.ignore

Running that script every now and then in a cronjob or after apt-get update
has resulted very helpful.

More info:

> Marc
> Footnotes:
> [1]  Such as kernel packages, binary kernel modules built from sources
>      available in the archive, local configuration packages, ...


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