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Re: question about the libpam-ldap debian package.

> So i don't know how to do to leave the dns entry and to get the same
> result?  By default, the nss dns status entry is anavail=continue,
> so it would be OK...
> Does i need to use a proxy dns???

I have no idea how to avoid the DNS timeout issue.  Perhaps the
application need to be changed to avoid it?

Btw, please make a web page documenting your configuration.  It sound
very interesting, and I would love to test it on the laptops here at
the university.

> >hosts:          files nis dns
> >netgroup:       nis/

You can drop nis for both of these, unless you are using nis.  Perhaps
use 'netgroup: files' instead, but I guess you are not using netgroups
with that setting.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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