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Re: Package maintenance in $HOME os an NFS share? (best practices survey)

Hi Christoph,

> So I'm wondering what other developers do. Are you using NFS at all? Are 
> you putting all your work under repository control and check the files out 
> to a local disk and back in to the server? I consider keeping $HOME on NFS 
> but symlink $HOME/debian to /mnt/localdisk/debian or something like that.

All the stuff I'm working on is on a server somewhere in the net (either
on alioth, sf.net, berlios,..... or my own server), and whereever I want
to work on something I get a checkout and commit before switching
computers. To checkout things like the DPMT/PAPT repositories I have
small scripts, as I have a checkout of all trunks on my disk usually.
Here is an example snippet:

svn ls ${URL} | sed 's,/$,,' | while read dir; do
        if [ -d ${dir} ]; then
                svn up ${dir}
                svn co ${URL}/${dir}/trunk ${dir}

NFS is something I avoid if possible.

Hope that helps,


 Bernd Zeimetz                           Debian GNU/Linux Developer
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